Together we can make a change in the way we support eachother in our journey.


When my sweet Daughter died June 19, 2010 I didn’t know how I was going to “DO THIS”  how was I going to survive? how was I going to support my Family in their own journey? Our lives changed on June 19, 2010 at 11:17 PM, I knew I would never be the same person and was so afraid of becoming a shell of a person. I was determined to fight this and make sure no other Child felt they need to end their life or become risky with it. My Husband and I tried a support group and right away knew it was not for us and never went back. I was yearning to find a bond with other Women who also traveled this journey, but got lost with everything around me. Until September 2019 I went to my first Bereaved Mother’s Retreat, that weekend changed my life forever. I created some amazing friendships, I knew at that point I NEEDED those Momma’s.

Gabriela and I met on a Facebook group for Bereaved Moms who have attended the Bereaved Mothers Retreat in Utah held by the Taylor Hagen Foundation.
Of course after I got back, I reached out to the group to see if we had any Colorado Moms to connect with, Gabriela responded right away and we set our date to meet. That was November 27, 2019. We met for lunch and four hours later knew we were meant to be brought together. We shared our stories, we cried and we laughed. Gabriela wanted to do something in her son Adrian’s honor and as did I for my Sweet Brianna.

We talked about how we can help other Grieving Mothers in their journey. We wanted this to be locally based so we could provide the support needed in person. Our Dream someday is to have our own Retreat Home a place for families to come and connect with others, maybe something like “The HOPE House” We would have weekly dinners sitting around the table sharing our stories or just being able to talk comfortably around others who understand our journey. Monthly outings, shopping, movies, bowling, we want to create a different setting of support instead of sitting in a room and talking, this way the dialog is comfortable and easy.
Our Vision and Dream is to grow and open chapters in other states. In today’s day we have lost touch with the Human touch, a virtual hug is always nice but you can’t replace the human body, the feel and compassion of a human HUG. This is open to all Bereaved Mothers. We have so many other ideas and are excited and sad that this is needed, together we can make a difference through Sisterhood to empower our Grieving Mothers.                   We have a Private Facebook Group for Colorado.

And that is how “Warrior Moms” was born

You are not Alone
Gabriela & Babs


Babs, today was uplifting and I think we each felt healing of sharing and sisterhood. Thank you for your gifts of the book, the beautiful words, and the soft special butterfly. He will go everywhere with me in my purse. Your love for Brianna is transforming other Moms sadness and pain like yours into courage to carry their love for their children into healing themselves and other Moms. Thank you for leading us through the darkness!!



This meant so much too me. I’m so happy I now have all of you to walk this journey with. I had the best time!!! Thank you 💜💙💜


We meet the Third Sunday of the Month

You can contact Babs at 720-492-5968 or for any questions.

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