Getting Help

 I had the opportunity to share our story on Daily Blast Live on February 13, 2020., they did a wonderful job telling our story and so thankful for the opportunity. It’s a heartbreaking story of a family hit by tragedy. The one thing people don’t understand after the death of a child or really any loss is what happens after. I am thankful for the show as they wanted to talk about what happens after.  After Brianna died I went through a whirlwind of emotions, my body shut down I no longer had a period, my hair fell out and my body broke out in rashes all over. My first few years were a blur but I still was out doing the “Work” advocating .  I am so thankful for Anti-Depressants, my next step will be Therapy.  I was never against them or ashamed to  say that I was taking them or talking to someone, I have just always been afraid of medications. My Husband was injured when  Kayla our oldest daughter was very young as the years his injury got worse. By the time Brianna was born she only knew her Daddy as always not feeling good. But he did everything with our girls and made sure growing up they had their Dad, he was very present in their lives.

He fought to get help to get better but our health system just wanted to medicate him, I saw what the drugs did to him, yes an anti-depressant is different from pain medication, but non the less I was still afraid of what they would do to me.  I hope that from our story, my journey on loss, depression and hope that it will help you in some way. TODAY I feel good it’s a work in progress everyday and something I have to make a conscious effort to make it the best day I can and to embrace whatever comes.  We have created some resources to help you connect with other parents.

“I am a different me, finding myself everyday. I am a different version of myself”

~Babette Canacari


Spend time with other Moms, connect and build relationships. 

This is a Family friendly event. Get out and have some fun with us.

This is a life changing weekend with other Bereaved Mothers. Self-love weekend. 

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