Meet our RFH Dream Team Committee

Babette Canacari “Sparky” or “Lil’ One” Official Ride for Hope “Founder”

Hello my name is Babs I guess you can say I’m the leader of this awesome pack and the Founder of Ride for Hope and The BRI Project. I knew when my 12 year old Daughter died 8 years ago to the Choking game I had to make a difference, I had to share our story.

My first ride was October 5, 2013 Brianna’s sweet 16, I had 8 bikes and did not own my own or ride for that matter, but I knew a ride was what I wanted to create. The next year two weeks before my ride I got my endorsement and bought my very first motorcycle. In 2017 we reached just over 110 motorcycles!!!! My dream is to carry this mission and this ride to other states. My passion is people and riding, getting out on the open road and feeling the breeze in my face lets me be “ME” I don’t think of anything, I feel like a “Normal” person the time I am on my bike. I love connecting with people hearing their stories whatever they may be. I have a gift of drawing people to me, it’s a beautiful thing.

Thank you for taking the time to support us, to follow us and to make this Ride what it is today.

Kimberly Ray “Khaos” Official Ride for Hope Road Captain

“Live for today, tomorrow is never promised”. That’s what I live by. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and adopted at the age of 20 months. My dad was in the Army for 22 years (yes I’m an Army Brat!)so my life growing up consisted of moving all the time which lead to me making friends all the time. I’m an only child and although I wish I had siblings, I have a gazillion friends that fill that void. I’ve met so many people in the Jeep and biker world. I’ve been riding for almost 9 years and I find very little time to go four wheeling when I can get on my bike. I met my fiance, Scott (Crash) Thorton through a mutal friend who brought him along on a ride had organzied. Little did I know that this person was meant to come into my life and be my “person”. I am blessed with two wonderful children, Mitchel who’s turning 18 and my daughter Samantha who’s 19 and just had her baby two months ago. Hennessy Ray, what a miracle to be a GiGi. She’s brought so much joy and laughter to our house in the short time she’s been alive. The first time I met Babs was 5 years ago at the Buckskin Saloon. Babs is a wonderful person who I admire dearly. I love being part of her vision with Ride For Hope and it’s an honor to be part of the Dream Team!

Scott Thornton “Crash” Official Ride for Hope Road Captain

Hello, my name is Scott Thornton. I was introduced to this amazing organization by my (girlfriend at the time, now Fiancé) Kimberly Gurule 2 years ago.

I was brought to Colorado in 1999, by the Military and my mother living here, from Oklahoma. I moved back to Oklahoma in 2003 and realized that I missed Colorado to much, so I then moved back again in 2007 and I haven’t left since then. During the week you can find me working as a Cisco Phone Engineer/Dialer Administrator for Camping World / Good Sam.

I started riding street bikes when I was 14 years old. I grew up on motorcycles most of my life and travel across most of the US in a sidecar. When I was 14 I decided to get my Motorcycle endorsement and I started riding my own. I made several summer trips with my parents as I rode a Honda Silver Wing on the road trips. There is nothing like riding a motorcycle in the mountains of Colorado.

Lee Davis Official Ride for Hope Videographer

My name is Lee Davis and this is my first year to be an official member with the Ride for Hope committee as the videographer for the ride. Last year I attended as a guest of Kyle Doying. I candidly captured many incredible moments and simply wanted to express what I saw and felt during the ride with creating a video which landed me an invite into this elite group of members.

My current title as Sr. Geoscience Technician in the oil and gas industry which I have been employed by for the past 19+ years brought me to Denver 3 years ago. I now reside in Aurora, CO with Kyle Doying, my daughter and two spoiled dogs (Papillion and a Australian Shepherd). I spent the previous 29 years in Tulsa raising a family of 3, 2 sons (Jeremiah and Josh) and a daughter (Jessica). I’m not only blessed to be a Momma of 3, I also am blessed to be called “GrannaLee” by Kate, Abe, and Liam. I love living life whether thru adventure, hobbies, being leisurely or thru helping others. My true passion would be to try and capture all the beauty of the life I live thru a lens.

Kyle Doying Official Ride for Hope Photographer

Several years ago, when someone asked me to be the photographer at Ride For Hope, I was thrilled and have been capturing images on this ride ever since.

My name is Kyle Doying and I have been riding street bikes for 35 years. I have organized, lead and/or photographed many, many rides over the years. I met Lee Davis a couple of years ago and together we make a quality team, professionally and personally. Between the two of us, both being photographers and videographers, we can capture and present some pretty special moments that life has to offer.

Typically, during the week, you can find me busy with either a real estate client or a remodel somewhere in the Denver area. Selling and building America has kept me hustling as do my 2 sons and 1 grandson on the way!! I’ve been in Colorado since 1981 satisfying my hunger for adventure and don’t see that changing unless they drag me out. 😊

Audrey Paulus “Sweet Pea” Official Ride for Hope ​Donations Coordinator

After meeting Babette two years ago and hearing about her story, she tugged at my heart strings and won’t let go. I volunteer every year and assist with the auction and raffles items for Ride for Hope. It makes me feel complete when I volunteer my time and talents to this wonderful charity.

During the week, I am a sales and marketing professional for a manufacturing company and during the weekend, I am a biker chick. I have been riding motorcycles for over sixteen years and run a biker Facebook group page Cool Biker Lunch & Rides where I post rides and events. It is wonderful to meet like-minded bikers who are both giving and warmhearted people.

Kelli Hansen Official Ride for Hope Wing Woman

My name is Kelli and I’m not sure what my official role for the RFH really is..LOL…but I guess you could say I’m the right hand WoMAN, dedicated friend, advocate, supporter for The BRI Project and RFH. I have known Babs for what feels like a lifetime and will be for a lifetime more. I have been participating in the ride since the very first one 6 years ago when we only had 8 bikes and plan to never miss another.

This annual ride brings together so many different people that have lost a loved one to these tragic epidemics. We join together to celebrate all of their lives and do our part to bring light to the darkness. I have participated in multiple other events that The BRI Project has done and educated millions about The Choking game, teen risky behaviors and suicide. I have supported Babs through her journey not truly understanding until Feb 20th, 2017 when I lost one of my sisters to suicide and she became one of our RFH Angels. It’s not something you ever think is really going to happen in your family and something you want to try to make sure it doesn’t happen to any other family. This is why I created BCC Evolution, a partner company with The BRI Project that focuses on the adult aspects of suicide prevention/ awareness and puts faces and names to their story. Find our stories at

This is an epidemic and we all need to push this movement forward together to stop suicide and the choking game. We hope you will join us this year and every year to show your support whether you have experienced a loss or you just want to help spread the word. We are blessed to have so many incredible people surrounding us and can’t wait for you join our family too!! As we say…we will continue to grow forward!!

MARLENA MACK – Official Ride for Hope Embroidery Artist & Planner

My name is Marlena Mack and I have been supporting the Ride for Hope for several years now. I have been friends with Babs for over a decade and watching her journey has been bittersweet and beyond inspirational. What connects us all is painful, but what we do with it together is what helps heal wounds, connect hearts and grow life. I am a blessed mother of 4 and have been married to an avid motorcycle lover, Cory Mack, for over 16 years. I prefer riding horses over motorcycles but don’t mind being a backpack. Together we have a network of bike loving friends who we have been able to bring along for Ride for Hope, some who have even joined the planning committee with us. I work at a large corporation by day, while running a custom apparel decoration and embroidery business by night. I have always had a passion for art and technology. I truly enjoy making special, customized apparel and accessories for small businesses and individuals. I am a volunteer on the Ride for Hope planning committee and provide the embroidery work for RFH. It has been a wonderful journey connecting with all those who support this cause, and a true honor to work alongside Babs and the entire RFH crew!– Marlena Mack Owner All InDaStitch LLC 720-495-3355

Cory MACK “GoGetta” – Official Ride for Hope Lead Blocker

“Life is what you make it” are words I live by. I am an avid motorcycle rider, music producer (and enthusiast), DJ and audio engineer. I hail from the Windy City of Chicago and live in Denver with my wife Marlena and our 4 children. I am a dedicated father who believes in children’s dreams and helping them carve their future by achieving their goals. You can find me spinning music on our syndicated radio show, producing sounds in my studio or tearing up the streets on my motorcycle.

I have known Babs for many years through my wife and became involved with Ride for Hope 4 years ago. Over the years the ride grew, and I saw a need for more riders to help the road captains out. I brought my friends and rode family along who also love to ride. Each year more and more have participated and helped out the Road Captains. Watching the RFH grow has been uplifting and being able to connect those who grieve loved ones lost to suicide and risky behavior has been a reward and a privilege in itself. I believe life, loss and love is expressed through music best, and what unites us shows through this movement.

Roberto Quiroz “Mighty Mouse” Official Ride for Hope Road Crew

My name is Roberto “Mighty Mouse” Quiroz. I have been riding motorcycles for about 28 years and love every minute of it. Three years ago, my best friend and his wife (Cory & Marlena Mack) introduced me to Babs and Ride for Hope. I got to know what the RFH/The BRI Project was about and hit close to home as I once walked through that valley of darkness. I have admired Babs’ strength and motivation. Three years ago, I jumped on board the RFH committee and became part of the Road Captain Crew. It has been an honor to keep the riders safe while honoring the cause with pride. Seeing RFH grow more and more every year shows that there are people that care, listen and are willing to step up for the families that grieve for ones lost to suicide.

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