Warrior Moms Bereaved Retreat

October 23-25th

Grief has no guidebook

No straight line to follow. Grief is the soul’s way of mourning a person, place, or thing of time past. It comes in waves and is rarely predictable. One minute you are balled up on the couch crying pools of tears, the next you are laughing, the next you are numb. Because of this, the kindest thing we can do for ourselves when experiencing grief is to allow it to be there and give ourselves time to heal. ~

Brianna Reid Canacari

Adrian geronimo mayorga

We are so excited for our first RETREAT








Our Story

We are two Bereaved Mothers who started Warrior Moms to honor our children, Brianna Reid Canacari and Adrian Geronimo Mayorga.  We came together through another amazing retreat in Utah run by two amazing Angel Moms that we both attended at separate times, we met through the Facebook group and instantly bonded and knew that we needed something here in Colorado. Our children brought us together and knew we would do great things.  We discovered we wanted to help other Moms with similar stories as ours. Our goal was and is to build a foundation to create a safe environment where moms can establish relationships to become a sisterhood. Our lives have crossed paths for a great cause, and that is to be able to help other moms on their grieving journey. Together as a sisterhood of Warrior Moms we will be able to become stronger in our grief. 

what to expect

Whole group and small group discussions: Being with other bereaved Mothers is something most of us find so rare, yet incredibly comforting and powerful. During the retreat, you will have an opportunity to participate in several whole group and small group discussions. Topics will be determined based on the needs of the mothers in attendance.
Working through anger and/or guilt
Finding meaning and purpose in our loss, and joy in spite of our loss
Relationships with our spouse and children

Yoga: Grief Yoga combines many forms of yoga, movement, and breath techniques to help process grief and use it as fuel for transformative healing. This practice is not as much about physical flexibility as it is about emotional liberation. Students become aware of the present moment and where they hold struggle or pain in the body and mind. This compassionate space helps express and release struggles through movement, breath and sound in exercises and flowing meditations. The intention is to open the heart and connect to the soul with dance prayers or laughter exercises that connect us to joy. In this way, students surrender in order to let go of pain and reconnect to love and the gift of life.

Memorial Projects: We have be several memorial projects prepared for you.  This is a time to reflect and remember our angels through a tangible process.

Personal Reflection: There will also be times throughout the day for personal reflection and remembrance of your child and your journey, as we believe this independent time is an essential part of the healing process, grief is a very intimate journey and through personal reflection we are able to journal our thoughts, think of our child and also grow from within.

Sharing Our Angels: Healing through Sisterhood together.  Parents surviving the loss of a child often feel left behind after their first year of grief, when the memorials stop, and the get-together’s, phone calls, cards, and text messages become fewer and fewer. The supportive structure seems to dwindle, and grieving parents are left on their own – feeling more alone than ever – to deal with an unbearable loss. Use this weekend as a platform to talk to and about your child- sharing as much or as little of your journey as you feel comfortable. We will say their names, and we will honor and remember them- all while taking much needed time for yourself and your personal healing.

Nourishing meals:
A delicious nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided daily, as well as fresh fruit for snacking. We are very blessed to have a Bereaved Grandma and Uncle provide us with meal made with love. We will work with them to ensure a variety of options are available and dietary needs are met. Please indicate any meal requirements or allergies in the registration form. You are welcome to be bring any snacks of your own.

Important Information

Our 2020 retreat has a limited space for 7 bereaved moms, we do have accommodations for up to 4 singles in a room if you are coming with a friend, we prefer each of our Mother ‘s to have her own room.

Your stay includes all meals and snacks during the retreat starting with a nutritious dinner on Friday evening to a healthy lunch before closing ceremonies on Sunday, and every meal and snack in between.

All activities are included in your stay. No additional costs will occur once your payment has been made in full. (This does NOT include travel expenses) if you are traveling from out of state let us know and we will arrange for a driver to pick you up.


 PayPal is the preferred method of payment, however if you need to use a different source, please email Babette at Hope@thebriproject.org and we will accommodate you in any way.

 Retreats listed support mothers grieving the loss of any child – of any age – and due to any type of loss, unless otherwise specified.

The cost of a retreat is $400. However,  due to some of our amazing donors, we have secured some, HALF ($200) and FULL scholarships for mothers attending in 2020. We make every effort to serve all those who wish to come to our retreat, we never want the financial burden to stop you from healing.  Our October retreat is full, if you would like to be on a waiting list please send email to hope@thebriproject.org

We are looking to secure financing to open up another retreat this year.

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