Meet Babette Canacari

First I would like to say, thank you for coming to The BRI Project we are glad you are here. I didn’t want our site to be just information, I also wanted it to be a safe place, I wanted it to be a place you could come and maybe take away something that will help you either on your grief journey, start a conversation with your child about suicide or risky behavior “The Choking Game”.

I wanted to make it personal, share my experience. I have been writing every since Brianna died, as I look back at some of my writings I see how strong I am . I also see what I have been able to do for my other daughter Kayla. My friend once told me, “You have a gift, people look at you and cannot believe how you have been able to grow and thrive. When we look at Kayla and how she has been able to live life, it’s because of you, she has been able to do it.”

I am always here if you need to talk 303-305-9981 if I don’t have the answers or resources I will find them…

My name is Babette Canacari Founder of The BRI Project. I am just like anyone else, I am a Mother, Daughter, Partner, and Friend…. I dream big and live life the best I know how, and that’s by helping others.

I never thought I would be here today telling you my story, I never thought I could ever talk to a crowd of 100 or more people, I never thought I could write and people would read and listen. I was given a gift out of tragedy, I was given a voice, and a purpose in this life. I learned what true compassion was, I learned that I had a strength inside me I never knew possible.

I am a Resilient, caring, funny and a passionate Woman, I smile all the time and laugh A LOT!! I found out the hard way, who I was and who I was meant to be, and the purpose I would serve on this earth. I will never stop fighting! I fight depression everyday, some days are better than others, I make a conscious choice every day to make it the best I can. I have fought the demons, but learning to cope in a more positive way verses a self destructive way.

My daughter Brianna Canacari unintentionally took her life at the age of 12, on June 19, 2010 playing “The Choking Game” I never thought I could live a day without her, but I have. I have been through hell and back. I have been able to turn this tragedy into something positive, I have been able to change lives and help other parents that travel this same journey. My Husband took his life on March 26, 2015 our lives forever shattered.

I Found a way and dug deep to survive, I made a choice to live and to live in their honor by helping other families and children, I didn’t want any parent to go through what I have been through and will continue to go through until my last breath.

LA Ink

On November 12, 2010 Babette got to meet one of her favorite tattoo artists Kat Von D. Babette met Kat Von D at a book signing November of 2010, she made her a journal and placed the first entry with a picture of Brianna…and shared their story. Around March Babette got a text from LA Ink stating they were trying to get a hold of her’. The producer said Kat has been asking about Babette and wanted her to be on the season premiere, By the end of March Kayla, Amber, Niky, and Babette were off to LA…..To film the season premiere of LA Ink.

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