Had my main dentist consult today…not what I was wanting to hear..you see when I got hit, my chest took the first impact, then my chin and mouth took the second impact on the pavement, face first. My upper canine tooth went through my bottom lip creating a hole, then it decided to lodge itself in my upper gum.

IMAG0706 IMAG0707
I found out today it is not a simple pulling of my tooth and replacing it. I will have to get a bone graph which involves cutting my top gum and flipping it up to expose my bones. Then we still do not know the damage of my gum since the tooth is lodged so high… This will take about 4-5 months to complete.
Yes I am thankful it is not worse, but coming from the emotion, I already have the grief for Brianna which will never go away, I feel vulnerable, pissed and sad that I have to go through this physical pain. Watching my Mom cry at the dentist office because her Daughter is hurting is something I hate to see and I try and be so strong for my family. Actually coming to terms that a 5,800 lb vehicle slammed into my body I am still in shock..
Yes I will come through this even stronger, but I am only human….

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