First day of school

What a tough day. I cried myself to sleep last night just thinking about today, all of these emotions came heavy on my chest, and I was faced with one of the "first's" those are the days I am going to hate, well I hate everyday that you are not with us, but all of the...

Bringing our Baby home

We had our Brianna cremated, this is what she would have wanted, she believed that when we die we are everywhere, we should not be in the ground with the bugs and the dirt, but should be with out loved ones and all over, that is how Brianna is able to be with all of...

BRI awarness bracelet

Show your support and wear the BRI awareness bracelet; these are yellow silicone bracelets outside reads: Breathing Reassurance inside reads: Into teens These bracelets are 3.00 please send email to

Where to find us

We are very excited to be doing a couple of events this month, if you want to find out more about the BRI Foundation and how you can get involved come see us. August 20th at 6pm join us online and interact, get in to your comfy clothes grab a coffee and listen to our...

BRI beauty pack

We are gathering travel sized toiletries to donate to Childrens Hospital. When we were in ICU with Brianna and I was able to bathe her and wash her hair there were a couple things missing that as a Mother who only wanted to take care of her baby would have meant so...

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