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Brianna Reid Canacari, a vibrant loving 12 year old girl who loved life and had a positive future ahead of her, put her life in her hands “Brianna hung herself, possibly as a result of playing the Choking Game.” on June 16, 2010. She was in ICU in a coma for four days and died June 19, 2010 at 11:17pm. The family was devastated by their loss. However, while dealing with the pain, guilt, and confusion surrounding her death Babette realized a way to both honor her and help others. In 2010, just shortly after the death of Brianna the BRI foundation, (Breathing-Reassurance-Into Teens) was born, dedicated to promoting education and awareness on risky behavior (The Choking Game) and Teen Suicide across America. BRI is committed to providing a sense of hope and change for victims and families. Their advocacy for this cause originates from their own personal tragedy. Their efforts focus on fundraising and outreach events to further education, awareness on teen risky behavior and, ultimately, saving lives. This so called game is taking our children’s lives and it must be stopped! We want you to have tomorrow with your children.

In October of 2014 we officially became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and re-named our foundation to “The BRI Project”

Follow Babette’s JOURNEY on Grief, Hope and Inspiration, she has been writing every since Brianna died, sharing her deepest thoughts the raw emotions of a grieving family, their struggles, and what this has done to their family. The family is left with the many broken pieces left behind. Each day is a struggle to get up and make it through another day. It doesn’t get better we just learn to live with the pain, the pain that is so unbearable, Babette made a promise to Brianna that she would fight for other children, other families so they would not have to go through this. With the love and support of family, friends and people she has never met they have made a difference together.

On March 26, 2015 Chris the Father of Brianna and Kayla took his life. After 17 plus years of pain from a back injury with little help from our health care and then the most excruciating pain of the emotional distress of his Daughters death, fighting depression, fighting the daily reminders of what he saw that morning of June 16, 2010, the PTSD kicked in and kicked in hard.
He could no longer survive in this world, in his own words he said that Human euthanasia was the best option, he would finally be free of pain, physically and emotionally. He is missed very much as he was a wonderful Father and Husband, his family was his life. He leaves behind his now 25 year old daughter Kayla. Her Daddy was her first love, Chris never got to walk her down the aisle, his brothers did it with honor.

We hope you enjoy some of these photos? they are memories of a family that has been shattered by Suicide of two amazing people, a Father and a Daughter. Now Babette and her Daughter Kayla are left to pick up the pieces of their life and “Grow Forward” in life. They want you to know that grief is not the end but the beginning of another journey, a journey where you can learn to live with zest, passion and fire. Kayla and Babette are living their life with purpose. Kayla got married 9-24-17 and they bought their first home December of 2017.
Babette has devoted her life to The Bri Project and helping grieving parents and family members, and also making sure no other child dies by Suicide or The Choking Game.


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