The BRI Project was established by Mother Babette Canacari in Memory and to Honor her daughter Brianna Canacari who passed away June 19, 2010 at the age of 12 playing “The Choking Game” Babette also lost the Father of her Children Chris Canacari to Suicide on March 26, 2015. The Foundation is a platform to “Shatter the Silence” of Suicide, Bullying and Teen Risky Behavior "The Choking Game". Their advocacy for the cause originates from their own personal tragedy. Our Children are Our future and we must speak and speak LOUD..
"Shatter the Silence" of this Silent epidemic.

Honor your loved one lost to this Silent epidemic, we are all touched by Suicide, and we are the ones left holding the pieces.
We are honored to share your story, your Angel.

By buying a sign your Angel will now have a voice, we will be placing them along our route between our first and second stops. The sign measures 18''x24" and will be printed on a corrugated board. The price will be $25.00

Imagine a quiet rode filled with motorcycles and then you look to the right and you see your loved one. It's time we come together as a community and not be silent about this, we must give them a voice.


Don't have a Bike? no problem drive with us in your car..... bring the whole family....

Stay tuned for details for our 2018 Ride for Hope

Video & Photos are credit to the wonderful

Kyle Doying and Lee Davis of KyLee Productins

Thank you for your love and support

Ride for Hope 


Sixth Annual RIDE FOR HOPE

 June 16, 2018


2016 Ride for Hope

Once you purchase your Angel sign you will be directed to the form page where you will upload your picture.