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"Sweat Pea"

Meet our RFH Dream Team Committee

Official Ride for Hope Photographer

Several years ago, when someone asked me to be the photographer at Ride For Hope, I was thrilled and have been capturing images on this ride ever since.
My name is Kyle Doying and I have been riding street bikes for 35 years. I have organized, lead and/or photographed many, many rides over the years. I met Lee Davis a couple of years ago and together we make a quality team, professionally and personally. Between the two us, both being photographers and videographers, we can capture and present some pretty special moments that life has to offer.
Typically, during the week, you can find me busy with either a real estate client or a remodel somewhere in the Denver area. Selling and building America has kept me hustling as do my 2 sons and 1 grandson on the way!! I’ve been in Colorado since 1981 satisfying my hunger for adventure and don’t see that changing unless they drag me out. 😊

Official Ride for Hope Videographer

After meeting Babette two years ago and hearing about her story, she tugged at my heart strings and won't let go.  I volunteer every year and assist with the auction and raffles items for Ride for Hope. It makes me feel complete when I volunteer my time and talents to this wonderful charity.
During the week, I am a sales and marketing professional for a manufacturing company and during the weekend, I am a biker chick.  I have been riding motorcycles for over sixteen years and run a biker Facebook group page Cool Biker Lunch & Rides where I post rides and events.  It is wonderful to meet like-minded bikers who are both giving and warmhearted people.

My name is Lee Davis and this is my first year to be an official member with the Ride for Hope committee as the videographer for the ride.  Last year I attended as a guest of Kyle Doying.  I candidly captured many incredible moments and simply wanted to express what I saw and felt during the ride with creating a video which landed me an invite into this elite group of members.
My current title as Sr. Geoscience Technician in the oil and gas industry which I have been employed by for the past 19+ years brought me to Denver 3 years ago. I now reside in Aurora, CO with Kyle Doying, my daughter and two spoiled dogs (Papillion and a Australian Shepherd). I spent the previous 29 years in Tulsa raising a family of 3, 2 sons (Jeremiah and Josh) and a daughter (Jessica).  I’m not only blessed to be a Momma of 3, I also am blessed to be called “GrannaLee” by Kate, Abe, and Liam. I love living life whether thru adventure, hobbies, being leisurely or thru helping others.  My true passion would be to try and capture all the beauty of the life I live thru a lens. 

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