Memorial tree: New trees will be planted in your honoree's name in a forest or park that is in desperate need. These trees will help create clean drinking water and wildlife habitat. We order these trees through 

We also offer a beautiful Memory Bear made with your loved ones clothing, you can also put their ashes inside the Bears heart. Just send us your favorite clothing and we will have this beautiful Bear made for you.

We support our small businesses, thank you Twins at a Time for your support

Blankets of love, A personalized blanket with their loved ones name. It helps to comfort the grieving to be able to snuggle with a special blanket.

We support our small business, thank you All InDaStitch for your support.

A Beautiful hand made bracelet is also part of our program. We support our small businesses, thank youSweet Art Things for your support in our mission.


As Parents we have the hardest job on the planet. We tend to our Children’s boo boo’s, wipe their tears when they are sad,  and make sure they are protected from some of life’s bumps. We watch our Children grow up, learn to drive, graduate, have children of their own and watch them become amazing Parents themselves. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for a lot of Children, sometimes life’s pressures, school, bullying and depression takes a role in their life and they feel their only way to fix it is by suicide or (risky behavior, playing games like “The Choking Game”) drugs, alcohol, or other Risky behaviors.

The loss of a Child is devastating, as parents, we feel as though we have let them down, we are left with so many questions, so many regrets and most of all the journey of this Grief is unbearable. We at The BRI Project want to make sure that “No Family is left behind.” Our program will be there for the family as long as they need us. After the death of a child the first year is filled with phone calls, cards, meals and memorial gifts. As we all know life does continue for others, the phone calls seem fewer and fewer, the doorbell stops ringing and the quick text messages “Hi, I was thinking of you” they all seem to quit. The parents, the families still need you. We would like to introduce you to “No Family Left Behind”, a program that will make sure no Parent or family member is left behind in this life long journey of loss.

Brianna’s Gift: This is our care package program and the HEART of “No Family left behind.” We will send a little care package to the parents, or other family members. Anyone can request a package, fill out the form below. The unique thing about our program is, we will never leave the families, throughout the coming years we will be there to support them, whether it be a card, food or just a simple phone call.

There is no cost to you. After the death of Babette's (Founder of The BRI Project) Daughter, she made a promise to do what ever she could to make sure no other Parent or Family member ever felt alone. Throughout the years they will receive various gifts of sentiments.

No Parent left behind


It doesn't cost to send Brianna's gift. If you are interested in donating you can go to our donation page.