LA Ink On November 12,2010 Babette got to meet one of her favorite tattoo artists Kat Von D. she made her a journal and place the first entry with a picture of Brianna… Around March Babette got a text from LA Ink stating they were trying to get a hold of her'. the producer said Kat has been asking about Babette and wanted her to be on the season premier, By the end of March Kayla, Amber, Niky and Babette were off to LA…..

We were honored to speak a the First Annual Music is life festival September 2017

On July 18, 2014 Babette Canacari had the opportunity to meet their Recipiant for the very first time in front of thousands of people at the 15th annual Donor Dash. "Carmen has been a blessing every since she came into my life, knowing that a part of my Daughter lives on inside her is truly a gift" says Babette

Brianna's Memorial Video

This was a project Brianna's big Sister Kayla did at Childrens Hospital in 2012, it was part of their Grieving program for kids. The kids had to create and edit a video that showcased their loved one they lost.

Meet Brianna Reid Canacari

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