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Parents surviving the loss of a child often feel left behind after their first year of grief, when the memorials stop, and the get-togethers, phone calls, cards, and text messages become fewer and fewer. The supportive structure seems to dwindle, and grieving parents are left on their own - feeling more alone than ever - to deal with an unbearable loss.
“No Family Left behind” is a life-long grief support system for parents and family members surviving the loss of a child that offers care packages and continuous, compassionate communication. If someone you know is experiencing the loss of a child, please give them this gift of life-long grief support by signing them up to receive their initial care package with No Family Left behind, called “Brianna’s Gift”.
Babette, the founder of The BRI Project, made a promise after the death of her daughter Brianna, that she would do whatever she could to ensure that no grieving parent or family felt alone. After three years of trying to find a way to help the parents and how we could make an impact, Brianna's Gift was born.

How our program works:

First we would like to say, thank you for giving the gift of love.....  

Since we embrace your loved one for as long as they need us on this journey, we will periodically reach out to them, whether it be an email, card or a gift of sentiment. There is no set time when we will send something out. Our packages go out the 16th of each month. If you have any questions about our program or would like to volunteer or donate you can email us at- 

Brianna's Gift