"You have not lived today

until you have done something for

someone who can never repay you"

~John Bunyan.

Babette Canacari became a volunteer and Advocate for Donate Life. Brianna saved lives with tissue and Organ donation. Brianna was in ICU for 4 days after a tragic accident, when we knew that she would not make it, we knew that Brianna wanted to be a donor, because she had asked her Daddy what the heart on a license meant? I never knew they had discussed this before until that moment, when the Donor Alliance Coordinator came to talk to us, my husband knew that he wanted to give Brianna her wish and I supported my Husband and Daughter 100%, we knew it was the right thing to do, we never gave it a second thought. Our Coordinator was with us every step of the way , even though she answered all of our questions, I still did not know what to expect,, I mean how could I? that was our babies life that was about to end and with the end of her life other lives would be saved. I remember when my Husband and I walked into the operating room to say good bye to our daughter, the room was quite except for some beautiful music, we were worried about hearing the machines but it was so peaceful. We had our time to say our last words and tell her how much we love her, we had time to kiss her and tell her how proud we were that she was doing this, we were never rushed and only felt love and compassion in the room. Brianna helped people when she was alive and now she was going to give the gift of life in her death. We know that she saved at least three families with her organs, these are families can now see their children and grandchildren grow up, and now have a better chance at a long and healthy life. Brianna also saved hundreds of people with her tissues. We ask that you think about this selfless gift to give, to give hope to another family, who knows someday it may be your family that needs the help of another. Although we have had to suffer the death of our daughter we are blessed and honored that she gave life to others. Please take the time to register, share with your families your decision to donate and spread the word.

If you would like to become a donor or a donor in Brianna's honor go to Donate Life Colorado

About 5 years later we lost Brianna and Kayla's Daddy to Suicide, as heartbroken as we were I wish he to could have saved others with his organs.